NAVITEL® warns the users of Navitel Navigator to timely update the software before the global disruption of the GPS, which will take place on the night of April 6, 2019.

The reason of the potential glitch in the Global Positioning System is rooted in the 10-bit binary system week numbering. It takes 1024 weeks or 19.7 years for the week number to reach its limit, after which Week Number Roll Over (WNRO) takes place and the count starts all over again. The last time the WNRO event occurred was on the night of August 21, 1999.

According to the information from the United States Department of Energy*, the upcoming rollover will take place on the night of April 6, which will possibly result in the incorrect transmission of date and time information.

NAVITEL® software developers release an updated version of navigation program to solve the issue of week number rollover. Thanks to the large-scale work on software algorithms adaptation, Navitel Navigator users will be able to prepare their devices in advance and ensure stable navigation. In the latest release all the elements responsible for date, time and positioning accuracy have been adjusted and verified. The information about speeding limits as well as traffic control cameras has been revised and updated.

In order to prevent potential GPS glitches it is highly recommended to update navigation devices in advance. To download Navitel Navigator update on devices running on Linux and WinCE use the free software Navitel Navigator Update Center. Detailed instruction for Navitel Navigator Update Center is available on the website. Please note that the update is available only for NAVITEL® personal navigation devices.

The users of NAVITEL RE900 FULL HD can update their devices by connecting to a Wi-Fi or a mobile network. In order to install the update follow the instructions. NAVITEL® tablets can be updated via device Menu (Settings > About tablet > System update).