NAVITEL® presents the updated Navitel DVR Center* mobile application for owners of iOS smartphones and users of DVRs with Wi-Fi module**.

Starting from October, 2019, the newest version of the Navitel DVR Center mobile application has become available for iPhone users.

The updated application allows users to watch videos from the DVR’s camera in real-time, to save and keep in your cellphone photos and videos from the dashcam, and instantly share snippets of recordings on a variety of viewing and sharing platforms.

Thanks to easy Wi-Fi connection with the DVR, the driver can easily manage settings, parking mode, configure the G-sensor and a video mode and format the SD card from your mobile device.

The new version of the Navitel DVR Center program will make working with the DVR more user-friendly than ever.

* The new version of the application will be available after updating its previous version of NAVITEL R1000.

** The application supports the following DVR models: DR750 GPS, R1000, R1000 GPS and R1050.