Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that a software update for GPS* dashcams is now available on NAVITEL® official page.

The new firmware includes not only the most up-to-date data** about speed control cameras, road restrictions, changes in the location of road signs and signs, but also updates that improve the usability of the device:

1. Choose from different sound alert modes:

  • "Always notify" – corresponds to the default settings when all alerts are accompanied by a sound signal;
  • "Notify only about cameras" – an audible warning will notify you about cameras, whether you have exceeded speed or not. Other alerts will be displayed graphically on the screen;
  • "Notify only about overspeed" – a sound signal will inform you about the cameras only when you exceed the speed limit. The remaining warnings are displayed graphically.

2. Ability to set a permitted maximum overspeed

Now you can select a permitted maximum overspeed in the settings in the range from -5 to +25 km/h in increments of 5 km / h. If you exceed the set non-fined threshold, you will hear a sound notification.

When traveling, remember that the speeding threshold in another country may vary.

3. Auto Time Zone Detection

When a route passes through different time zones, the time settings will change automatically.

4. Saving settings when updating the DVR firmware

Now, thanks to new features, all settings of your DVR will be saved even after updating the firmware version.

You can read the detailed update instructions on our official website in the "Update the dashcam".

For correct operation of dashcams with GPS-informer, we recommend updating the software of your device regularly.

* For DVRs with GPS module: R300 GPS, R600 GPS, R700 GPS DUAL, R1050.

** The database is up to date as of January 15, 2020.