NAVITEL® has released an update 9.12.67 to its Navitel Navigator program for iOS devices. Users now have access to: new types of cameras, cameras attached to the road, and a travel log with detailed information about each completed route.

Route history

All your trips will now be saved in a more convenient format. The following information is displayed for each route: departure and destination points, travel time, route length and average speed during the trip. To view the history of trips, go from the main menu to the "Route" section, then > "My Trips".

New types of interval alerts

Now users can access not only warnings about mid-speed cameras, but also about such systems for recording violations as “overtaking is prohibited”. A reminder of the restriction will be displayed on the screen of your device throughout the entire section with a ban.

New SPEEDCAM format with cameras linked to the road

In the new version of Navitel Navigator, cameras are linked to the road: if the camera refers only to the backup road, and you drive along the main road, the signal will not sound. A warning will also be displayed on the device’s screen, which will serve as an additional guideline during the trip and help to prepare in advance for the upcoming restriction.

The following updates have been made to Navitel Navigator 9.12.67

  • Support for new types of alerts: No motor vehicles, No right turn, No left turn, No U-turn, No overtaking, Overtaking zone by trucks, Transponder payment point.
  • Support for new types of cameras: Endangering a pedestrian, Insurance/Safety inspection, Truck lane restrictions, fake-cameras.
  • Owners of iOS devices can update Navitel Navigator 9.12.67 in the AppStore.