NAVITEL Smart Box Max

Why do you need a NAVITEL SMART BOX MAX?

With NAVITEL SMART BOX MAX you can power a dashboard camera or any other device even when the car is parked and the ignition is off.

NAVITEL SMART BOX MAX protects your vehicle battery from discharge based on the voltage or preset time. The power controller will automatically turn off the power of the DVR when car battery voltage drops below a determined value or the configured timer elapses (whichever occurs first). Also, NAVITEL SMART BOX MAX guards your DVR against power surges.

Protection from discharge

Power voltage control

6 shutdown timer modes

Security against power surges

Compatibility with 12/24 V

Concealed installation

Tech specs

Input voltage
12-40 V
Output voltage
5 V
Output current
2 A
60×55×18 mm
125 g
Cable length
4.5 m
mini-USB, micro-USB via adapter
2 A