Real bargain for navigation maps of Europe – 50% off!

Till April 30 navigation maps of European countries will be available at 50% discount. The special offer is available for mobile devices running on Android and Windows Phone, as well as iPhone, iPad and car navigators.

Navigation maps of Europe include useful information for convenient trips across all European countries. It is up to the user to choose between one of the countries or a pack of navigation maps at a discount for a memorable trip.

Thanks to offline navigation the software can easily build a route regardless of Wi-Fi or Internet connection. Immediately after downloading the maps to a navigator or a mobile device the users receives access to fully functional navigation without having to preinstall additional map fragments before the trip. Navitel Navigator also offers free services for devices with Internet access – Navitel.Traffic, Navitel.Events, Navitel.Cloud, Navitel.Friends, Navitel.Weather, Navitel.News as well as a service by More information about online features is available on the website.

Navitel Navigator will take care of every trip and provide the driver with all the necessary information:

  • Three alternative routes to choose from;
  • ЗD maps: three-dimensional junctions and buildings;
  • Detailed transport network with indication of traffic direction and lanes;
  • Up-to-date database of traffic control cameras;
  • Information about speed limits on every road segment;
  • Full address database;
  • Extensive POI database (hotels and cafes, gas stations and ATMs, bars and sights, sports grounds and shops, drugstores among other points of);
  • Navigation feature allowing to switch between different types of transport and possibility to build navigation with relevant driving restrictions taken into account.

Purchase maps of Europe at a special price until April 30, 2019 on NAVITEL® website in BUY section as well as in Google Play, App Store and from Navitel Navigator app (Menu > My Navitel > Purchase maps).

*The discount is available for the following navigation maps by NAVITEL®:

  • Navitel Navigator. D-A-CH
  • Navitel Navigator. Balkans
  • Navitel Navigator. Baltic
  • Navitel Navigator. Benelux
  • Navitel Navigator. Bulgaria
  • Navitel Navigator. United Kingdom
  • Navitel Navigator. Hungary, Romania, Moldova
  • Navitel Navigator. Eastern Europe
  • Navitel Navigator. Eastern Europe and Russia
  • Navitel Navigator. Greece
  • Navitel Navigator. Europe
  • Navitel Navigator. Europe and Russia
  • Navitel Navigator. Western Europe
  • Navitel Navigator. Iberia
  • Navitel Navigator. Italy, Vatican City State, San Marino, Malta
  • Navitel Navigator. Cyprus
  • Navitel Navigator. Poland
  • Navitel Navigator. Nordic
  • Navitel Navigator. France
  • Navitel Navigator. Czech, Slovakia
  • Navitel Navigator. Ukraine
  • Navitel Navigator. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan